ANY NEWS????? :D

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ANY NEWS????? :D

Post by littlenobby »

wots going on chaps, its like a ghost town over here, no posts since august!
i need to know whats going on as i was once looking foreward to this pack but now it seems that all has gone :-?
i just hope there is something going on behind the scenes so come on we need updates!!!!!!

PS:this is not a rant :P :P :P
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Post by jporter »

Hi Tom,

It is still progressing. I am waiting to hear from a couple of locomotive groups about getting cabs etc, but replys etc are via post so even slower!

Dont worry as updates come, they will be here matey :)

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Re: ANY NEWS????? :D

Post by twomanydjs »

any news on this project as i am still waiting to get my hands on a double chimney STD 4 :D
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Re: ANY NEWS????? :D

Post by michaelhendle »

I would say after 3 years it's now vapour ware,or as they used to say in airline talk the passengers walked across the tarmac up the rear steps of a Boeing 727 and vanished into Finair.


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