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Download Problems

Post by PWHolmes »

I have tried to download file 30667 (Blue Class 08 Shunter) but I can't find the download file anywhere on my hard drive (or any other files I have downloaded in the past). It is sometime since I downloaded anything from UKTS and I can't remember how to specify the download directory- can you advise??
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Re: Download Problems

Post by pendolinobasher »

Do you mean this? ... leid=30667

You provided the 5 digit code that every UKTS file has, if you have this to hand go to Downloads Search which is the 3rd button on the 1st row of the buttons in the middle of the page on the home page.

After selecting that press "Bulk File ID Search" and then input the 5 digit number and your download should then appear on the screen.

Hope this helps. :)
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Re: Download Problems

Post by ReefGB »

Windows 10? Try this location for your files.. C:\Users\*Your user name*\Downloads (*Your user name* should be replaced with the name of your user account in my case that would be Reef yours obviously will be different)

So, look in This PC, C drive, then in Users, and then look for a Downloads folder within whatever your user named folder is.
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Re: Download Problems

Post by Cyclone »

You're on Windows 10, right? You can also hit the Windows key to bring up the Start menu and simply type the ID number of whatever you download. Typing 30667 would show you the file in the search result, and you can then right-click and open the location to find where you have it (assuming you moved it and later forgot where you moved it to). I use this trick all the time to check whether I have downloaded a file before spending time downloading it a second time. (I also have this file myself.)

Out of interest, I noticed this is a Class 08 reskin based on the Woodhead model, making it a BR Blue option. Try searching for Major Wales and you'll find a Class 08 pack there as well; there are a few requirements including the standalone 08 on Steam (not the RSDL one), but it gives you a LOT of liveries, many of which are found in the Marketplace section but are repainted by him and are thus unique and able to be given for free. Good way to save money on those reskins if you ask me! Still missing a few that require the RSDL model, unfortunately.
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