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Blackpool "Balloon" Tram weight and power

Posted: Sun Feb 22, 2004 4:11 pm
by bravedan

Have started a new thread as it was getting lost........

Information sought from Len Squance, one of the most knowlegable researchers/modellers of the Blackpool Tramway over many years has produced this reply from Len:-

" the Balloons have never been officially weighed and no weights appear on the official drawings. However it is believed that they are
17 - 17.5 tons.

As a relatively "flat" tramway there was no need for high
performance so Dave Bran's correct in his belief that there were two motors of 57hp giving a total of 114 hp."

All I can say is I'm surprised at the weight, as they were delivered by quite small lorries of only about 40-45 h.p., which towed the body on a miniscule road trailer while carrying the bogies............ presumably all the way in first!!!!!!

I repeat for those who have not seen the previous info, a full sized double decker bus of the period was by comparison about 5-6 tons unladen. Petrol Electric Buses, which carried a huge petrol engine, dynamo and motor, all heavy, were in the range 5-7 tons.

However, I do trust Len's judgement and extensive knowledge.....and I think therefore 17-17.5 tons it is??????



Posted: Mon Feb 23, 2004 8:00 am
by qzdcg8

What a small world!!!! I have ALSO had communications with Mr. Squance last year over the Blackpool Tramway. For those that don't know - you must visit Len's Blackpool In A Box web site - if you want to see an instance of 'Modelling Perseverence' - this is it!

Apparently Len has over 3000 square on real photos of the Blackpool Seafront - which he used to constrict his models!!!

Posted: Mon Feb 23, 2004 9:31 am
by jbilton
Been following this thread on tram weights with a fiddler with eng files...I have found that to get realistic performances the weight needs to be up near 90tons.
Otherwise the tram takes off like a rocket and stops on a pin. :-?
Well I suppose the other way would be to reduce the HP.....I'm sure someone will prove me wrong. :lol: