The SMS sound system in MSTS 1 has been quite well understood for some time, but there are still new things being learned as well as a wealth of information about what's already known that you can learn here.

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Hi All,
First of all, apologies for not announcing the release of earlier versions of this utility :oops:

v2.1 of sms_Checker will shortly be available from the file library.
The download includes a readme which contains full details of what the program does and how to use it.

This version contains fixes for two bugs which Robert Lewis of found - thanks, mate!
1. The global SOUND folder is now checked for .wav files being reported as missing from a route's SOUND folder.
2. The program will now recognise two trigger entries on one line. The trigger types don't need to be the same.

If you think something is not working properly, please let me know!

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