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Activity Protocols. PLEASE READ

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 5:32 pm
by terrycunliffe
Unfortunately there has been some unsavoury instances in the past regarding alleged plagiarisms involving activitiy creation.
The Moderation team at UKTS, together with respected authors from both the Freeware and Commercial sectors of the hobby, have therefore agreed on a set of rules considered to be acceptable Community protocols regarding activity creation.

Please therefore ensure that any activity uploaded to this site fully complies with the regulations below.

1) The .act file including all Player Service Traffic Patterns and Player Service Paths remain Copyright with the relevant author. Unless it is clearly documented to the contrary, permission must be sought from the author to re-use, either 'as is' or as a template.

2) All AI Traffic Paths and Services can be used freely in any activity, irrespective of author, provided that they are not changed (including re-naming) in any way whatsoever. Permission need not be sought for their use, but acknowledgement to their original author (if known!), and / or to the existing activity they were duplicated from, is mandatory.

2a) However, if the activity author specifically states in the original activity README that none of the elements in his activities can be re used, then that overrides Rule 2.

3) All consists are Public Domain, but must not be altered in any way whatsoever. Existing Consists can be modified on the condition they are given a new, unique name.

Re: Activity Protocols. PLEASE READ

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 11:05 pm
by ianmacmillan
One additional rule I would add is that no modified .wag or .eng file be included with the activity without the permission of the rolling stock author.
Where permission is given the file must be renamed to prevent it overwriting the original.

This mainly refers to changes to brake type or couplings.