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The MSTS Activity Editor allows you to make your own activities, or missions, for the player to complete. This is also how you can get lots of other trains running while you drive yours!

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Post by se97mlm »

Any other users have the same problem as me: when you get to the point of reversing to approach wagons, MSTS just crashes back to windows. Tried reinstalling everything, and on two machines, same problem. Otherwise good work chaps, routes/activities/trains amazing. Keep up the good work!!
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Post by saddletank »

Have you got the MS patch installed?
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Post by bjdick »

Assume this is Caldervale activities?I haven't had any problems with these,I don't have patch either.Couplinguncoupling was worse with patch.My only whistler prob was incompatible coupling types in part3.IE once waggons uncoupled from loco front coupler,couldn't couple waggons to loco rear coupler.Changed waggon couplers to auto from chain,and all well.Can only suggest double check install of route+activity.
Activity author's "Readme" mentions intermittant crashes,and recommends you saverestart at problem areas.
May work different,depending on hardware,hope this helps.

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