Smarter AI Trains

The MSTS Activity Editor allows you to make your own activities, or missions, for the player to complete. This is also how you can get lots of other trains running while you drive yours!

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Post by longbow »

I'm trying to get AI trains to act smarter but with little success. If anyone has cracked any of these issues, please shout.

1) Adjusting the service performance % to get AI trains to run to timetable will change some AI train speeds, but not others.

2) If you try to have two new AI services appear exactly where one has just finished eg to simulate the loco and its train separating, you crash the system, even with a 30 second delay.

3) If you back the player consist into a layby you can sometimes get an AI train close behind to pass you in between you clearing the main line and your player train hitting a reversing point.

4) You can't get an AI loco to couple with or to move a static consist eg in AI shunting.
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Post by MartinH »

Answer to 4 is no, unless you're a computer programmer who works for Microsoft - it has been done.

The other problems can be worked around, but you've got to accept that it's a computer program and not a railway. I've had AI trains jump tracks and run all over me before now!

I have managed 1 and 2, although not without difficulty. The trick with 2 is not to have the exact same location.


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