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Posted: Tue May 21, 2002 4:17 am
by BobLatimer
I have just finished this activity and it is FANTASTIC - keep up the good work Dave!

One thing it taught me was that you can't run a steam loco by leaving the throttle wide open and the reverser on maximum forward. I ran out of steam several times going up hill before I figured that out.

Only drawback was the combination if Pat's detailed route and all of the AI traffic hammered the frame rate at times. I have and Athlon 2000+ with 512 Mb and a GeForce 500Ti and even then the frame rate dropped to 6 at times (with all of the detail and resolution turned right up).

Posted: Tue May 21, 2002 7:52 am
by hairyred
Cheers Bob,

Yes, I thought it was a pretty good test for steam driving. I played about with the size of the consists for quite a while getting the challenge about right.

I agree about the frame rate, I have a similarly specced system and get about the same in external views, but find it much better using head-out cab view.

Just for comparison, I tried a run in a diesel over the Marias 3 route with some long AI trains. External views were about 38 dropping to about 23/24 with another train in shot and cab view got as high as 50 in places dropping to about 32 with an AI train passing. I guess the scenery must make most of the difference, although the steam engines higher poly count and animation must also have an effect.

I have now finished the traffic for part 1 of the Settle Milk Run, which is looking quite good, but I haven't done a stock list yet.

Did anyone other than geoffwright have serious problems locating the stock from the readme stock list? If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve stock lists, I'd appreciate the input.

I currently list:

1. the name of the unit as it shows in the consist editor
2. the name of the zip file that contains it
3 the folder name to unzip to. If the dowload recommends a folder name I use that; if not I give the folder name that I have used.

I don't give a download site(rather a list of places where the stock may be found), since most models are available in more than one place and some people may not have premium subscriptions to enable multiple downloads.

TIA for the input