How do Events work in MSTS?

The MSTS Activity Editor allows you to make your own activities, or missions, for the player to complete. This is also how you can get lots of other trains running while you drive yours!

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How do Events work in MSTS?

Post by beresford »

I am trying to figure out precisely how the Events work in MSTS in order that OR can be the same, and the thought occurred that there must be a lot of experience on this forum from Activity builders.

I know for example that the 'drop off cars' Event checks the position of the cars while the Event is Activated (while OR currently looks for the cars to be placed in the siding while the Event is Activated).

I'm guessing that the 'pick up cars' Event checks that the cars are connected to the Player Service while the Event is Activated.

So if, for example, I 'pick up passengers' and THEN Activate the Event, would I expect the Event to trip or would I have to go back and pick up the passengers again?
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Re: How do Events work in MSTS?

Post by scampispeedway »

Hi Beresford, to explain this would take too long, but if you scroll down this forum until you see the Topic Step by Step
Guide to Train Sim Activities, open this up and you will see amongst the posts a link to Rich Garber's site where for $10.00
you will be sent his excellent tutorial on all things relating to MSTS Activities.
I bought it years ago when it was sold by Abacus, unfortunately they do not do it now but Rich has made it available on his
own site and although it means printing out a few pages, it is laid out with text and pictures so that it is easy to follow.


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