Revised guidelines for Posting Screenshots and Photographs

Screenshots of MSTS and assorted related tools in action!

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Revised guidelines for Posting Screenshots and Photographs

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Posting Screenshots and Photographs

Before posting screenshots and photographs, members are asked to familiarise themselves with the recommendations made in the Screenshots and Photographs section of the Forum Guidelines...
The MAXIMUM size for screenshots and photographs, in posts, is approximately 800 pixels wide and 600 pixels deep in the JPG format. This is the most efficient for people to download, while retaining a reasonably good level of quality from the image.

If posts are found containing images larger than the maximum allowed, then the poster will be contacted and asked to make them smaller.
If the poster doesn't comply within a reasonable time, then the images will be deleted.
If posters continue to flout the guideline then they will be subject to sanctions outlined in the "Non-Compliance with the forum Code of Conduct" section of the guidelines.

Please remember there are still a lot of people using 56k modems and a large image will completely lose their interest, while costing them money to download.

If you wish to show images at a larger resolution, then thumbnails must be used, along with a warning of the size of the full size image.

If you have a Premium Account, you can use the following codes, with square brackets instead of the { }, to display your images...

{album 12345 filename}
The album tag now AUTOMATICALLY thumblinks.
The size of the thumbnail is now automatically scaled to be the biggest it can be within an 800x600 box, so if you upload your picture of 1024x768 or 2560x1900 or whatever, the system will do the rest for you.

{album 12345 filename thumblink}
"thumblink" is still available for those that want to use it and it works exactly as it always has, scaling the image to 8 times smaller.

{album 12345 filename thumblinkbig}
There's also a new "thumblinkbig" which makes the thumbnail twice as big as "thumblink" did, scaling the image to 4 times smaller.

These options eliminate problems with having to scroll all over the place to view images, while making the thread download a lot quicker for non-broadband users and for those with low broadband speeds.
Posting screenshots of work done to other peoples' models

When considering posting screenshots of repaints / reskins of rolling stock or scenic items, could you please use the following guidelines from the "Repaints & permissions" section of the UKTS Forum Rules section...
When setting out to repaint a model it is crucial to establish at an early stage what permissions are going to be required from the original author. Virtually all models have a readme.txt or similar file in the download. This file usually spells out the author's wishes.

UKTS fully support whatever the model authors' specify.
Please ensure that you have read and understand the full guidelines before posting your screenshots.

Ian J

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