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AC Loco Group back on tour!

Posted: Fri Dec 26, 2014 11:38 am
by NiallGray
Years ago, I was a member of the AC Loco Group, which I got into when I was working on EH2. Back then I wrote a couple of acts based around fictional AC Loco group tours, including the following, where the Class 89 is used as a special ECS shunter on the day of a AC Loco Tour.

For some reason I never updated it for V3, but when I went to yesterday, I found because of some signal amendments it no longer worked. So last night, I thought why not change the start point. I wrote the entire act in AE, going off what I know about the route and my services, and nailed it on the first run-through (a new record!).

Finally, I am able to get rid of one of my last-remaining acts from the V2 folder, which I will do in the next few days once I can test it on another PC.

The first 3 minutes are all about trains-spotting while trains run in and out of Central.

Only once a message appears on-screen do you put the loco into reverse and head to the platform. It's important to press TAB immediately after passing the first ground signal to get permission to pass through a red light.

Just like in the original act, you have a little wait before you get permission to move into the carriage sidings.

And because you know how I love the NOW and THEN stuff, here's how it (and the route) looked way back in V2, the very first time I wrote it.