TS2014 LB South Downs Splitter uncouple

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TS2014 LB South Downs Splitter uncouple

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Hi All,

There was already a thread on this issue but it was locked so I thought I would bring this up one more time because it was really never resolved. The issue is that in the London to Brighton Route, LB South Downs Splitter Scenario, folks are having a tough time uncoupling when it's time to split the train. The couplers are greyed out and all the clicking in the world won't uncouple the consist. I found the solution and it works.

1) After pulling into the station and stopping the train, open the "Coupler" window
2) Stay in the "Interior Camera" view.
3) Click the "Next Rail Vehicle" icon
4) NOW uncouple the consist (coupler is no longer greyed out)
5) Click the "Previous Rail Vehicle" icon
6) Click the "Load/Unload" icon

That's it! Please note that if you are too slow with this procedure, it times out and gives you a "Stop Failed." It's kind of a pain workaround but at lease it will allow you to successfully finish the scenario.


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