Control parameters, Input Mappers

Rail Simulator brings full and high detail 3D cabs to Train Simulation (though by no means the first to do so). Instead of using 2D images you can now create detailed 3D cabs with fully animated controls, here's the place to learn how.

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Control parameters, Input Mappers

Post by peterholton »

I'm not sure if this shouldn't be in Physics, but here we go:

I'm probably missing something fundamental, but I'm trying to track down where I can get parameters from the game into the controls. I've gone through the docs, looked in the input mappers, but to no avail:

My loco has a duplex vacuum gauge. I can only see one type of gauge in the control set of the engine bp:


I can duplicate this to move both needles simultaneously, but I'd like to get reservoir pressure if possible.

All controls that are moveable by the player are in the input mappers, but there's no reference to any of the display only controls.

Any thoughts? I know I'm probably not seeing the wood here, but I've spent the last few hours searching!


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