Deleting controls from default cabs

Rail Simulator brings full and high detail 3D cabs to Train Simulation (though by no means the first to do so). Instead of using 2D images you can now create detailed 3D cabs with fully animated controls, here's the place to learn how.

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Re: Deleting controls from default cabs

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Just realised, that picture is very interesting, the master controller is in the engine only position, the train brake is in the released position, the loco brake is in fully applied position, so I would say the engine is running.

Air brake only.
Their are no air only 47's, the vacuum gauge has been removed, and possibly the vacuum pipes on the front and rear of the loco, but thats it.
A 47, along with most early BR loco's, the loco its self is vacuum, the air system relies on the vacuum system.
Glyn Phillips

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