Sorting the lads.........

Rail Simulator brings full and high detail 3D cabs to Train Simulation (though by no means the first to do so). Instead of using 2D images you can now create detailed 3D cabs with fully animated controls, here's the place to learn how.

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Re: Sorting the lads.........

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kimdurose wrote:Playing EARS has reignited my desire to build cabs again, but I can't see it happening with the "3rd party developers and DRM" situation.
To be fair, we don't know exactly what that situation is yet. All the indications are that there are no restrictions at all in relation to freeware content.
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Re: Sorting the lads.........

Post by Fodda »

Go for it Kim! I know how much work went into your cabs for the SVR package... And if you work to that standard for EARS I'll be more than happy to use anything you make.

Unfortunately I have absolutely no experience with 3D CAD programs so I doubt I'll be building for EARS at all. Never know though, it might be fun to try learning to use a 3D package. However it will cut into my EARS, FS2004, FSX, Bioshock, HL2, Pirates playing time which is plenty short enough as it is, let alone the all-important beer time! :drinking:

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