Swapping stock with TS-Tools

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Swapping stock with TS-Tools

Post by ashgray »

Hi All

Quick question - when swapping stock items in TS-Tools and using the "Swap All Identical" option (e.g. to replace plain liveried Pendolinos with Virgin logo ones), would that cause all replacements to carry the same loco / coach number, or would the numbers be randomised?


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Re: Swapping stock with TS-Tools

Post by gptech »

The numbers would remain the same as those applied to the original items by default, un-ticking the "Don't change numbers when swapping stock" box should allow RW Tools to read the .dcsv file(s) to apply new random numbers. This however has become problematic when the stock being swapped doesn't have a 'proper' number--DMS345 for example--so it may be necessary to swap these one at a time or edit the numbers separately.
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