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I wonder if anyone here had dealings with this web hosting company, who may have been used by others in train sim circles? They started off as a budget hosting company (I switched to them after M8 Internet went belly up) and all was well for a couple of years. Then I started getting erratic and eventually no connection to the domain email server, unable to use the control panel to update my web site (which disappeared) and eventually an advice from Nominet that the domain had lapsed. Finally I got through via email to a Matt Hadfield who told me the company was going through some transition but were sorting out arrangements to continue hosting.
At some point my site re-appeared and a few weeks ago I had an invoice for the hosting fees which I paid.
However if you visit their home page, there is no way I can see to access your account page, or to maintain the actual hosting and mail servers. The whole operation seems to have gone upmarket and a couple of notes via the contact page have not been answered.
About the only option I've got is next year not to pay the invoice and delete the site, which is kind of outdated these days anyway, but if there is a way of getting everything back up and working I would prefer to keep the pilot light on.
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