Cannot find Texture File

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Cannot find Texture File

Post by Szlumper2 »

I've just created a Sentinel Steam lorry in TSM.

Unfortunately when I came to convert it to a TS Object, I got the message "Could not find texture file" and when I try to import it in the Route Editor, there is no thumbnail and I get a message "Could not open shape file" when I try to add it to a route.

I've tried starting again - one part at a time with a new texture file. I've created the wheels again, one by one, and tested in the Route Editor after each pair of wheels (it's a 10-wheeler) and it all works until I add the 10th wheel, when I get "Could not find texture file" again.

Needless to say, the bmp files are where they've been all the way through the build so I can't understand why TSM thinks they've disappeared.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks

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Re: Cannot find Texture File

Post by mrmosky »

Hi Richard,

Did you manage to solve this problem?

I must admit it has me puzzled.

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Re: Cannot find Texture File

Post by PhilChorusch »

TSM is working well for me, on Windows 7 and Windows 10 64-bit

First thing you should think about

Do you have Administration rights on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11? IF not, disable UAC "User Account Control" TSM will throw up errors no matter of silencing UAC

Do you have TSM installed to Program Files (x86) on a Windows 64-bit system? If yes, change installation to Program Files and follow these instructions ... -t247.html

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