3D Cab for Falcon Locomotive

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Re: 3D Cab for Falcon Locomotive

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mrmosky wrote:I'll look at the possibility of doing a class 47 first, and then a class 37.
They will be most welcome :wink:

I had no real knowledge of how the 3D cab animations are defined!. The CVF file appears to have no adjustments for cab controls, and it appears it is all done in the cab shape file! Is this correct?.

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Re: 3D Cab for Falcon Locomotive

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Hi Coolhand,

That is correct. The cvf file seems to need to be there with the control definitions, but the actual control is handled from the animation in the shape file, plus a definition in the eng file too. So in the case of a speedometer, for instance, the needle is animated to rotate over a certain angle, and then the maximum speed becomes the maximum angle. Sort of...

This is the area that needs some more explanation in the manual.


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