SketchUp PlugIn for Static Object Export

A very neat looking 3D tool which may soon have the ability to export MSTS models! Well worth a look, probably the easiest tool to use to date.

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SketchUp PlugIn for Static Object Export

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Hello all,

I am currently a user of the 'Trainz' Simulator, and also the creator of 'RubyTMIX' - a SketchUp plugin that provides a very direct pathway for transferring SketchUp models into Trainz. Although my web page is a bit out of date, you can get the basic idea of how it works by looking here:

Basically, the plug-in creates an XML file that is then run through an N3V-provided application, Trainz Mesh Importer, which creates a model in their internal IM format. Textures are rendered by my plug-in in TGA format (I understand ACE is needed for RW), and the various other files needed by Trainz are automatically generated as well. There is no need for any other 3D tools - it is SketchUp straight to Trainz.

I am considering a transition to TS2016 (Railworks) because I like its route-creation toolset, particularly the ability to import SRTM data and use Google Maps directly; but before I do so I would like to see if it would be possible to create a version of my plug-in that will work with this simulator. I am a resident of Binghamton NY and have plans for a D&H route featuring that area, and being able to easily create the custom assets I need will be a big part of my decision to stay with Trainz or move to TS2016.

By the way, I give this plug-in away for free to the Trainz community, and would intend to do the same for the Railworks community - if it can be made to work.

My first question toward this is: Is there any equivalent path into RW from an XML file that defines object geometry? Apologies in advance if this is already asked and answered elsewhere, but as a non-RW user I don't quite seem to have the vocabulary yet to find the answer through the standard search channels like Google and so on. Hopefully my question is understandable; if not, please feel free to ask for clarification or more details about the plug-in.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Re: SketchUp PlugIn for Static Object Export

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The Max file is exported to IGS format by a Max plugin then this is converted to GeoPcDx by the Blueprint Editor program that comes with Railsimulator


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