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This thread will identify updates to the forum rules:

3rd August 2007 - Item 2 The UKTS Forum Code of Conduct.
Now identifies "Deleted / Removed threads" and treats them in the same manner as "Locked Threads".

3rd August 2007 - Item 3 Non Compliance with the forum Code of Conduct
Now adds "Deleted / Removed Threads" and treats then in the same manner as "Locked Threads".

7th September 2007 - Item 9 Incidents on the Railways. In light of several recent NON railway incidents this Item has been renamed to "Incidents" and now covers ANY incident. Rules within Item 9 remain unchanged.

12th September 2007 - Item 3 Non-Compliance with the forum Code of Conduct. Introduction of vetting of posts in certain circumstances following contravention of the forum guidelines.

12th September 2007 Item 11 Signature Blocks. Guidelines revised now that signatures are now permitted again.

2nd May 2008 - Item 8 updated to reflect the increasing use of video and reinforce the permissions required to post videos containing modified content.

4th March 2010 - Item 2 (The UKTS Forum Code of Conduct) updated to cover the use or mention of pirated software.

Users should note that threads are NOT deleted / removed randomly on a whim, but ARE removed for reasons of Non compliance or legal reasons.

13th January 2013 - Para 8 Spamming and Bumping updated to included Thread Locking / Unlocking
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