Passenger Consists ??

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Passenger Consists ??

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Hello all:

I have a question, which may seem obvious to all of you (notice the way I said it, not that annoying Southern & Texas YA'ALL)...but is not done on passenger railroads here across the pond.

I have several older books on passenger trains from about 1920 era to 1980s. One of consists for LMS region trains shows that almost all of them from the 1930s to about mid 1970 era all have
either a Brake First or Brake Second (of either corridor or open configurations) AT EACH END OF THE SAME CONSIST. The earlier era steam train consists, some only 3 or 4 cars, still had this same practice.

Is Anyone able to explain WHY this was done??? It seems like a waste of two of the same type (brake-coach combines) car for the one train. By the 1980s the Mk-3 cars had taken over a lot of trains,
and since there were no combines, this practice stopped.

Thanks for your explanation
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Re: Passenger Consists ??

Post by ttjph »

What you're talking about looks 'right' to me (a short blank section of coach bodyside at each end of the rake), though you ask a good question.

I would guess that it might be to allow the guard to ride at the rear of the train in either direction, so that in the event of a separation he's always with the 'loose' part of the train and able to bring it to a controlled halt (although continuous brake systems should achieve the same thing, so it feels like a weak argument).

A search also suggests thoughts about the guard being able to see along the train (presumably with the driver able to watch the front part); doing brake continuity tests in the rear vehicle; and being at the rear of the train if he needs to climb down to 'protect' it (e.g. with detonators). ... es.132028/ ... ns.160951/
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