Modelling SETTLE station

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Modelling SETTLE station

Post by bootednancy »

Hello people:

I have 3 questions regarding modelling a BritRail scene I will start working on as A Free-Mo moduule (that's a New Jersey, USA group that does HO in standards similar to N-Trak)
Being in the "colonies" all my life, I ahve no idea what took place on BritRail prior to my first visit in 1982.

Looking for answers of what might have ben done back in the late 1960 to early 1970 era on what was the LMS lines.

1) for SETTLE stations, appx. how long were the platforms??? Doesn't have to be exact to the last rivet, just general footage. I have the book Structires & Stations of the Settle & Carlisle but while it is excellent for the great pictures and placement of stations along the line, it gives very little detail of no dimensions or any sizes.
1a) Did the station ever have a cross-over foot bridge between platforms or did one have to cross the tracks at the platform end ramps??

2) Would a train using that line, or any LMS route ever have Thompson and / or Gresley coaches in their consist, or were those only used on the East Coast mainline??? And would any LMS train in that era just be Mark 1 cars until the full blue/grey era and Mark 2 cars???

Thanks for the time to find the information I am looking for.

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Re: Modelling SETTLE station

Post by AndiS »

For track layout and station plans, I recommend free OS maps from these sources:

1) National Library of Scotland have only one 25 in map but they show a scale, they do a great job at providing the whole isle in consistent quality and they provide a slider "Change transparency of overlay". ... rs=168&b=1

2) provide many different maps. Which ones are available differs from place to place. Zooming out quickly takes you to a generic present day road map that is not too helpful and zooming in too much just displays the information that you have to subscribe to the site to get this resolution. But the highest they give you for free it is fair enough and the chance to see how a place developed over time is just amazing. ... /12/100392
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