New signalling / dispatching simulation

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New signalling / dispatching simulation

Post by Easilyconfused » ... 3843332710

Still in early access but worth a look. Very challenging in places.
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Re: New signalling / dispatching simulation

Post by bigvern »

Ah yes I saw the guy(s) behind this promoting it at Looks interesting but I get the vibe it's aimed more at Transport Tycoon, than SimSig type of operation.
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Re: New signalling / dispatching simulation

Post by alan2 »

Railroute is aimed at being an automated Signalling simulation.

there is an Endless mode that lets you build a network between stations and then complete contracts to earn research points that let you upgrade your network.

The timetable mode is like Simsig. But you can build your own timetable and maps / share them on steam workshop for others to play.

I bought it recently and I am actually quite impressed.
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