Kng Trains BR 2251

It's what the driver sees, it's possibly more important than even how it looks on the outside - but it's the most difficult bit to build. Learn how to make your own cabs, or how to use the ones that have been produced, how to wire up the controls and much more!

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Kng Trains BR 2251

Postby MGD11 on Sun Apr 22, 2012 5:14 pm

(Before I start whinging, I posted here as this is probably the best place for it).

I was creating a scenario for my custom Railworks route and plonked down a BR 2251 (the UKTS file is here) and after much tweaking of the instruction order, I finally got the scenario working.

However, I pressed 1 and found the view was coming from inside one of the lock boxes from the tender, and the cab controls weren't usable. A quick google said to edit the cabview bin file. That done in RWtools, I went into Railworks and tried it again. Nope, still the same. Came out, googled and found that I needed to clear the blueprint cache. Ok, did that.

However, while the bin file has been edited, the view is still the same. I've tried other tenders with the loco (Black 5, DT Light Pacific, 7F) and they view changes dependant on the tender height (the Pacific's tender, for example, sticking you in the roof whereas the Black 5 will stick you outside with a lot of camera shake).

Anyone know whether this is a loco issue or a Railworks issue? Bear in mind the loco aliases the Black 5 cab view.
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