Creating dual cabin trains?

It's what the driver sees, it's possibly more important than even how it looks on the outside - but it's the most difficult bit to build. Learn how to make your own cabs, or how to use the ones that have been produced, how to wire up the controls and much more!

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Creating dual cabin trains?

Postby yomamma on Sun Apr 15, 2012 1:36 am

I've been working on creating a Acela HH-8 based on MSTS and was wonder on how i would go about creating a dual-cabin. Im still learning as I go and have just started creating the cabin, but before I would like to go further i needed to know how to create 2 of them on the same train, similar to the EMD AEM-7 in the Northeast Corridor expansion pack.

For any who'd like to help don't hesitate to ask any for any info that i may have left out


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