UK Finscale download help.

Tim Booth created an absolutely stunning track system for MSTS called UKFineScale (aka UKFS). Accurate track profiles, hyper detailed track pieces and points etc make for stunning routes, before you even start thinking about scenery!

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UK Finscale download help.

Postby D123type4 on Fri Apr 29, 2011 3:00 pm

i have found this file which i need to download in order for custom routes to work: ... leid=11889

it mentions it requiring tsection build 29 or later.... I have searched the download site for this file and I have had no avail. If someone could please shed some light as to what it's name is or if the file got renamed that would be great.

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Re: UK Finscale download help.

Postby slipperman12 on Fri Apr 29, 2011 5:04 pm

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The latest version of tsection.dat is available here :
 Click to view more informationMSTS Standardized global tsection.dat file Build 00042UK [325489 bytes] -
File ID: 13758 Date: 05 Jan 2012 - 27627 Downloads

There have, however, been a few problems on some routes with this version, so build 38 (v38) is generally thought of as being 'the standard'. I don't think this version is available separately on this site, but is included in New Roads v4.0, which is an often-required addition; it is available here :
 Click to view more informationMSTS Newroads [18194419 bytes] - NewRoads_V40_MSTS1_Setup.exe
File ID: 6254 Date: 23 Nov 2007 - 33967 Downloads

Hope this helps,
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