Glasgow Tram Route

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Glasgow Tram Route

Postby steamnut44 on Sun May 01, 2011 8:15 pm

Apart from steam railways being my passion, I am also a bit of a tram nut too. These are 1st generation trams, rather that the modern image trams that are now appearing in some of our larger cities. The first British tramway to be built for MSTS was Blackpool, by Vern Moorehouse. This was very popular and soon after its release for download at UKTrainsim, I sought Vern's permission to improve on it by adding more scenery to create the Fleetwood Tram Sunday version. This again was a huge success and led to another enhancement of this famous tramway, to add an Illuminations Version as well. Again this was another success and both versions were made available on CD as a double. WE were also lucky at that time, to have Chris Lindop, make most of the trams that form the trainset for the Blackpool Route. Unfortunately, due to other commitments, Chris is no longer able to produce any more trams at the present moment, but having kept in touch with him, he may (time permitting) make a few more trams for MSTS.

Doug Kightley later gave us the short but wonderful Crich National Tramway Museum Route for MSTS and although it lacks many of the museums collection of trams, there are a few trams made for MSTS, which can be used. These are two Sheffield Roberts, Liverpool Green Goddess and Baby Grande, London & Leeds Feltham, and many versions of the Blackpool trams.

Presently, Don Hinton and myself, are just at the finishing stages of the Scottish Central Plus Route, which will include a very short section of part of the Glasgow Tram System. This runs around Glasgow Central Station in our route and was added to create AI traffic when running trains in or out of Glasgow. However, having only available, a Glasgow version of the Liverpool Goddess (built by Chris Lindop a few years ago) we have now got three versions of a Glasgow Coronation Tram recently built by Alistair Cowell specially for the SCP Route. These are very nice models and will come as part of the trainset of the route when released later in the year on DVD. You can view some screen shots of these on this thread.

Once this route is completed, I intend to build the whole Glasgow Tram System, as it was during the latter days of its existence, during the late fifties/early sixties period. This will be built from Glasgow Ordinance Survey Street Plans which show the actual tram lines all over the city and surrounding areas of Glasgow. It is going to be quite a momoth task and may take a while to do, but should make an interesting addition to MSTS. I will keep you posted on its progress once I make a start on it, which should be in a few months time.

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